A startup studio based in New York
with a French Touch

What we do

Our mission is to build an ecosystem of global Internet platforms where we can leverage resources from multiple websites and communities. We’ve identified and built several new platforms, and are always on the lookout for our next project!

We take our team’s proven experience in tech start-ups and mix in a heavy dose of creativity and innovation to successfully execute projects.

Some of our projects:

Yield management for restaurant reservation

The world's largest FrenchTech community

Lead generation reinvented

Connecting founders with investors

About Timeal

Timeal is a web venture builder.

We believe in creating scalable, fast-growing projects by taking simple ideas and pushing them to the next level.

1. Idea
We identify great opportunities.
2. Execution
We build projects from scratch.
3. Success
We bring companies to the top.
Powerful Internet Platform

The Team

We are 2 tech enthusiasts behind Timeal.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us if you are interested in our ventures or just want to say hello!

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